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Name: Jeanette<33333
Nickname: The Lovely Miss Jay. Hehe //_^
Age: 20 Years Young Yo!!
Location: Sacramento [SickSad] CaLiFaS!
Things ya like: My Boyfriend Justin, Listening To Music, Learning ABout New Types Of Music, Quoting Movies Is My Favorite Thing To Do! And And And, Being Silly And Going On Little Adventures And Taking My Camera Everywhere I Go! =]
Things ya can't stand:Jealousy, Mean People, Spiders [[YiKks!]], Being Hurt, And Hot Weather. Lol.
Favorite Music: Indie And Folk Or Poppy Stuff. But I Love Everything. I Just Rather Listen To Stuff That Makes Me Smile More. ^_^
Favorite thing ta do: Spend Time WIth Family, Go Out WIth Friends. Drive! I Love To Drive And Just See Where I End Up. And I Love Taking Photographs. =]

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