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happiness is bliss

too much sugar.. not enough time

hardcore kiddiez who could care less
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This is a community based on being yourself and positive vibes.
There's so much going on in the world today that's negative, it gets really depressing.

I created this community as a way to escape it all.


here we support all views. we like to have fun.
we like positive vibes and believe in plur.
you do not necessarily have to be a raver to follow the standards of plur.
its very simple.
p L u r.
peace, love unity and respect.


Talk about whatever you want. Discuss issues or just talk about the great weekend you had. Post photos of your favorite things or yourself at a party or something you've made or your favorite outfit. Post icons, show off your new hairdye or mohawk, or post about your day when you can't sleep. Post about your new favorite song or deejay you heard spin the other night. Post when you have had too much sugar, post if you want new friends.. ANYTHING GOES, just have fun and be nice, be yourself, and invite others to join too!

this community isn't only for ravers, nor is it necessarily raver-themed.
Ravers are just a few of the people who would have fun here!

all you need to join is a little bit of creativity, activeness, an openmind and a positive attitude!



x For more than two photos, please place under a livejournal cut.
check the FAQ for how to do this.
x NO BASHING, NO ABUSE. you'll be banned so fast your head will spin. this is a place about having fun and escaping negativity, so don't make it a place for that!
x don't make this an ENTIRELY ad-based community. a couple of ads here and there are okay, because i understand the need to promote!
x When you join, post an intro about you. It doesn't hurt to get to know you!

your loVable mod: moontrip


When you join, post an intro post. Or fill this little thingie out, so we know who you are, or at least a little. :)

Things ya like:
Things ya can't stand:
Favorite Music:
Favorite thing ta do:
Post a couple photos [under a cut] if you can or want:


A little promoting won't hurt! ^_^

Image code:

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=hardc0rerainbow"*><***img src="http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b43/holographikslut/hardc0rerainbow.png"***><**/a>

without the *'s



In order to try to reawaken this community, I've taken some suggestions and decided to start monthly themes!!

Post images of your favorite things!!
(in a new entry! >'.'<)

This can be anything: People, things you wear, your vehicle, family, friends, pets, colors, music, things to do, places to be, whatever! If the images or photos aren't yours, tell us where you found them. Tell us about your favorite things through photos and words! Be creative. There are no limits to this theme, but there have to be photos. :D And you MUST have fun with it!

This will be the theme until I change it. =)

This one is super-simple. If you don't know what PLUR means, it stands for:


Some ideas on how to participate:
Post photos with things you think represent your idea of PLUR, i.e. photos of you and your friends [unity], photos of things you love [love], etc.
Post about the first time you experienced PLUR
Post about your opinions on PLUR and whether people really stick to it or if some people just say it just to say it
Post music you recommend that somehow relate to PLUR or talk about PLUR
There are so many other ways to do this, these are just a few ideas.
Have fun, of course! ^_^

[You can still do this one too]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Post anything and everything having to do with rainbows! Post your favorite photo of yourself wearing a rainbow shirt, rainbow hair clips, rainbow anything! post a story or a poem written by you that has to do with rainbows, post a link to an MP3 that's about rainbows.. I don't care what it is really as long as it belongs to YOU! Lets get some activity going on up in here!
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